Sends notification as an HTTP POST request, with a JSON body, to the Webhook url of organisation.


qr-codeQR code updated
readyaccount online
disconnectedaccount offline - no action is required, the client will automatically try to reconnect
auth-failureneed to request QR code again
new-messagenew message received
message-ackmessage status updated
group-eventjoin to group / group information updated
  "event": "qr-code",
  "data": "1@frfbmy+MjqRPtWLgBRveIbQaIy34QvNBYRy1js4aoPWBQJcr0ZjxBkkubARvejHRoL4NbBWheqwv2w==,+9UV+SaOhGdWk7TuhyCGg/fqW2hwtYvA/kNxN3Gc21M=,Obv7AgFAzVaDJR8vn706wg==",
  "phone": "+79991234567"