SMSEdge Phone Verifier API makes things easy to prove that a user has provided their own phone number during signup, or some other functionality that you need.

How It Works (Work Flow):

  1. A user registers for your service via your app or web site and provides a phone number.
  2. To confirm that the user has access to the number that they have registered with, your application makes an API call to the Verification request endpoint.
  3. Our system generates a code, with an associated request_id value that your app will need to use that on the "Verify code" API function.
  4. Our system then attempts to deliver this code to the user. The format (SMS or Text-to-speech).
    If the user does not revisit your app or website to enter the PIN they have received, the verification request will ultimately time out. Otherwise, you need to verify the number that they entered via the "Verify code" API function
  5. Our system checks that the code entered matches the one that was sent and returns the result to your application.

You can get full list of used in API countries, including Country ID, Name, ISO Codes, Phone Code, etc.

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